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Global Explorers Kids uses a child-centered, hands-on, multi-disciplinary artistic approach to exploring the world's cultures, utilizing children's natural curiosity and desire to learn about others.

In a world shrinking due to globalization and a local community that is increasingly diverse, unfortunately, prejudices are still prevalent and ethnic communities tend to exist in isolated pockets, rarely intermingling. Studies show that children learn new cultural patterns easily; it is important that their early learning aids in their understanding and respect of differences, rather than perpetuating stereotypes and prejudice.

Global Explorers Kids seeks to teach children from an early age about the diversity of the world's peoples, helping them to understand and respect different cultures.

Global Explorers Kids' programs:

Explore the world's cultures through folktales, music, dance, crafts, games, dramatic play, flags, mapmaking, celebrations, architecture, and more.

Are matched to the Illinois State Learning Standards in Social Science, Fine Arts, and Geography, and to the Illinois Early Learning Standards.

Are often designed in cooperation with representatives of the cultures, using the community as a resource.

Believe in presenting all cultures on an equal plane, promoting respect for all cultures, religions, and ethnicities.

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