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Global Explorers Kids has participated in and, or produced many special projects to help connect children across borders.

Flags of Peace: Tibetan Prayer Flag Project
In 2007, over 200 children participated in Flags of Peace: Tibetan Prayer Flag Project. Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags which offer prayers to be carried by the wind, the project asked children to send messages of peace for the world.
The children learned basic block printing techniques as they transferred their images of peace onto cloth flags.

Flags of Peace culminated in an exhibition at Belle Plaine Studios. In conjunction with the exhibit, Tibet Center Chicago provided children with tickets to their concert of Tibetan music. Flags of Peace are available for exhibition, or the project may be recreated at a school or community organization.

Chicago-Jamaica Culture Quilt
In 2008/2009, Global Explorers Kids produced the Chicago-Jamaica Culture Quilt Project in partnership with VIJON (Volunteer in Jamaica Opportunity Network). Thirty-one children in Chicago and 24 children in Treasure Beach, Jamaica participated in the project. Children as young as three and up to age twelve interpreted their cultures to share with children from the other country.

The children were given the opportunity to communicate with each other in a variety of media. They created paintings, fabric collage, photos, and videos portraying their favorite things about their home towns, their favorite foods, and their favorite holidays. Eight volunteers spent over 80 hours sewing the children’s artwork into a quilt.

The quilt and video were exhibited at the Chicago Children’s Museum. Through the project, Global Explorers Kids and children in Chicago collected school supplies to donate to the children in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.
View the children’s videos on You Tube.

Uthando Project
In 2009/2010 Global Explorers Kids worked on a special activity in conjunction with Waters Elementary School, Oakwood Shores, and the Uthando Project, a nonprofit organization in Australia that is coordinating volunteers around the world to make cloth dolls for the children of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Uthando means “love” in Zulu, and this project spreads love to children suffering from poverty and the effects of AIDS.

KwaZulu Natal is home to 1/4 of South Africa’s children—1.5 million under the age of 6. Two-thirds of these children live in poverty, while 1 in 5 have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Over 10% of South Africans over the age of two are infected with AIDS. KwaZulu Natal is the province in South Africa most affected by the AIDS virus. The Uthando Project was formed to help the children use play as a form of therapy. Play

Global Explorers Kids coordinated doll making sessions in Chicago, to help families in our community reach out to children in need throughout the world. Children and families from Waters School, Oakwood Shores, and elsewhere made over 100 dolls that were sent to the children in KwaZulu Natal.

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