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Community programs provide cultural enrichment programs to children at community organizations and public events.

Drop-in Tables
Global Explorers Kids offers drop-in tables at many community events, including the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival, Albany Park Cease Fire CommUnity Event, Chicago Children’s Museum Arts Day, Lincoln Square Halloween Happenings, and more. Drop-in tables let children explore and create art projects influenced by the arts of other cultures, such as Australian dot paintings, Mexican papel picado, Russian Matryoshka, and Tibetan prayer flags.

Designed for children grades PreK – 5th, workshops help students learn about cultures of the world through arts and crafts, storytelling, movement, dramatic play, and more. Workshops run for 2 hours or more, and may be single or multiple sessions. Activities are matched to Illinois State Learning Goals and Standards. Global Explorers Kids workshops cover a variety of topics.

Examples include:
Global Grab Bags: Children explore a specific country or part of the globe through crafts, stories, movement, and more!

Holiday Celebrations: Teaching children how people around the world celebrate, each workshop focuses on a specific holiday. Sample holidays include: O-bon, Day of the Dead, Cranberry Festival, Sukkot, Yam Festival, Diwali, Loy Krathong, St. Lucia, Kwanzaa, Jonkonnu, Chinese New Year, Carnival, Purim, Noruz, Hina Matsuri, Holi, and more!

Flags of Peace: Inspired by the Tibetan prayer flag tradition, children create messages of peace for the world. The Flags of Peace can be installed for a temporary exhibit at the organization.

Masks of the World: Children interact with examples of masks from around the world, learning about how masks are used, then, create a mask of their own from a variety of materials.

Dolls of the World: Children explore a wide variety of folk dolls from around the world as they learn that dolls are not just for play. During the workshop, children will create a doll based on a specific cultural doll.

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