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In School and After school programs produce multicultural awareness in children, grades K-5. Meeting for 1-1/2 hours per week, for 8-12 week terms, children participate in art activities, storytelling, games, movement, dramatic play, and more. Activities are matched to Illinois State Learning Goals and Standards. Each term focuses around a different theme, looking at the similarities and differences in how cultures around the world interpret the theme. Parent funded or school funded options are available.

Sample themes include:

Festivals and Holidays
Students explore and compare seasonal holidays around the world through storytelling, crafts, dance, and other cultural traditions.

Story Traditions
While hearing world folktales and myths, students learn different ways to share a story, from Inuit story knifing to Hmong story cloths to Japanese Kamishibai.

Games and Toys Around the World
Kids around the world like to play! Students explore the similarities and differences in games and toys from different cultures while learning the value of home-made play.

Dolls and Figures
Students learn about the roles dolls and figures play around the world – from teaching tools and religious items, to good luck charms and playthings – while learning to make dolls and figures of their own.

Masks Around the World
Around the world, masks are used for celebration, ritual, and drama. Students will look at various masks from around the world, and create their own masks from many materials.

World Houses
Houses can be made from clay, wood, straw, ice, or many other materials. Students learn how other children live, as they read about and create models of houses from around the world.

The Artist as Peacemaker
Explore how cultures around the world use the arts as a tool for peace. Students will share stories and create art projects inspired by artists from around the world including Tibet, Congo, Chile, and the Hmong culture.

World Mythology
Students will look closely at two myths from different parts of the world as they create puppets and masks and learn to perform the myths for family and friends.

Our Global Community
Children learn about our global community through art, storytelling, photography, and more. Projects focus on themes of diversity, community, and our interconnected world.

Passport Program
With “passports” in hand, children “travel” to a different country or culture each session, exploring the world through arts and crafts, movement, dramatic play, storytelling, games, flag making, and more.

We’ll design a program to fit in with your curriculum.

This project is supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.
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