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In School and After school programs produce multicultural awareness in children, grades K-5. Meeting for 1-1/2 hours per week, for 8-12 week terms, children participate in art activities, storytelling, games, movement, dramatic play, and more. Activities are matched to Illinois State Learning Goals and Standards. Read more...

PreSchool Programs
It’s never too early to teach children about other cultures. Preschool programs are designed to bring arts-based cultural learning to children from an early age. Children form their cultural attitudes early, so it is important that their early learning exposes them to other cultures in a positive way. Read more...

Special Programs
Global Explorers Kids has participated in and, or produced many special projects to help connect children across borders. Read more...

Summer Camps
During the summer, Global Explorers Kids offers a popular passport program, to introduce children to the countries and cultures of the world. Read more...

Community programs provide cultural enrichment programs to children at community organizations and public events. Read more...

We’ll design a program to fit in with your curriculum.
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