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Bring Global Explorers Kids workshops to your home, organization, or other location by hosting a Global Explorers Kids party. Portable parties are available in many themes, or have us design one for you.

Global Explorers Kids parties include:

  • Art activities, stories, and movement
  • Teaching artists and all materials
  • Global Explorers Resource Sheets, so children can continue exploring at home
  • Free Global Explorers Kids T-shirt for the birthday child
  • Mobile parties come to you, and are adaptable to any space
  • GEK can suggest theme-appropriate foods and, or provide recipes for the party menu
We have dozens of activities and can create one around your theme. Sample parties include:

Mardi Gras

Celebrate Carnival any time of year! Create unique carnival masks, dress up and join the Conga line. Lots of fun, and great Mardi Gras music, too! Mardi Gras throws are the hit of any party!

World Party
We are all children of the world – and all the world’s children love a party! Play party games from around the world – such as Unwrap the Chocolate from Germany, Pass the Hat from Israel, and Fukuwarai from Japan. Then, dress up in international costumes and enjoy a dance party to world music. The party also includes an art project from a country of your choice.

Peace Party
Spread your desire for a peaceful world with a peace party. Make flags of peace, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, then hang them in the wind to carry your messages out across the neighborhood. Write a peace poem and decorate a peace tree with culturally based peace ornaments.

Children love exploring masks. Look at and try out masks from around the world, then make your own mask creation using a variety of materials.

Folktale Videos
Become the star of your own video. Children will read a folktale, then act it out using shadow puppets or face paint and costumes. Their story will be recorded to share with friends.


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